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About Dale Holub, The Woodworker


My Story

I began my woodworking career as a student in the Industrial Arts program at San Francisco State College in 1970.  While the program was directed more toward teaching, there was enough hands-on technical training to excite me with the possibilities of designing and building furniture. 

Two of the instructors there were leading experts in the field of furniture design - John Kassay, a master of Shaker furniture, and Art Espenet Carpenter, a pioneer, and mentor to many, in the popular movement of contemporary hardwood furniture. I was greatly inspired while studying under these men, and gradually began acquiring tools and equipment of my own and taking on commissions for custom furniture pieces.  


In these early years, I also spent some time working in commercial shops which furthered my appreciation and respect for quality craftsmanship.  In 1975, I was admitted to the Baulines Crafts Guild as a Master of furniture making - inspiring me even further, being exposed to other gifted artists - and began taking on apprentices of my own, while I continued to develop my skills as a woodworker. 


As time went on, the scope of our projects expanded and I gained valuable experience building a variety of different furniture, custom cabinetry, and architectural pieces.  This helped me both as a designer and a craftsman and, as my career progressed, I became committed to taking on only the kinds of projects that demanded high-quality woodwork.  In addition, I learned how to work with designers, contractors and clients through the design process; often starting in the ‘old space’ or an empty one, and working with them to develop their ideas into a completed project.  


Much of our business now (after 1995) is in the remodeling field and we have developed relationships with the area’s top architects, builders and designers.  I have learned so much on these projects that has only enriched my sensibilities about design and construction.  As we have built many spectacular kitchens, custom wood interiors, and other unique furniture pieces and projects, there remains a strong emphasis on high quality and ultimate regard for fine craftsmanship and structural integrity.  As I draw and detail every one of our projects, I can apply these acquired skills to those designs and contribute to a satisfying and successful outcome.  Much of our work comes from past clients, their friends, and general contractors with whom we have established solid working relationships.  We’ve earned a great reputation for the high quality of our work, the outstanding service we provide, and the pride and responsibility we take from the beginning, right to the end of the projects we are asked to do. 

In 2011, I decided to ‘pack it up’ and simplify my life. My wife and I moved, with our two dogs, to Sisters, Oregon, where we found a perfect house and the ideal balance between our home life and my work. Relieved of the burden of running a business, I set up a shop in the beautiful barn that came with our house, and took a more avocational approach to my woodwork. With a lifetime’s inventory of fine hardwoods, all my old tools and some new ones, I started building some furniture pieces for our house initially, and more recently, have been taking commissions for custom woodwork from outside clients. It's been refreshing to get my hands back on the work after directing employees for so many years, and I’ve become quite inspired to get back to furniture making which characterized most of my early years in the business and gives me the best opportunity to showcase my skills as a woodworker and designer. In the process, I find myself most fulfilled when I have a project to work on here at my shop.


Early in my career, I was honored to be chosen to exhibit two of my desk designs in the very prestigious California Design 1976 show at the Pasadena Art Museum. That included my work being published in the hardcover edition of ‘California Design 76’ and the subsequent release of the book ‘Craftsman Lifestyle - The Gentle Revolution’ which was another publication from California Design. Being recognized then as an outstanding craftsman in the state set the table for many subsequent showings at the Marin County Civic Center, and received many achievement awards for my work. I also was a featured artist at the Following Sea gallery in Honolulu and Maui in separate shows which led to commissions from clients all over the world. 


In the early years, I exhibited my work at several fine art and craft galleries in San Francisco and around the Bay Area, which enriched my ability to work with clients and give them the lasting pleasure of owning a piece of fine-crafted furniture. To this day, I receive calls and emails from old clients who have never stopped appreciating the work I’ve done for them.

Professional Woodworking

I am an experienced woodworker who is dedicated to providing professional woodworking services. I use the latest techniques and tools to ensure that my furniture pieces are of the highest quality.

Creative & Original Designs

My furniture pieces are not only functional but also creative and original. I work closely with my clients to understand their needs and preferences and come up with unique designs that meet their requirements.

Quality Materials

I use only the highest quality materials in our woodworking projects. I like to source materials from trusted suppliers to ensure that my furniture pieces are durable and long-lasting.

Expertise in Woodworking Industry

With over 50 years of experience in the woodworking industry, I have the expertise and knowledge to create beautiful and functional furniture pieces. 

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